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Friday, January 16, 2009
Now This, This Is A Snow Day
These pictures are from yesterday as today was far too cold to let Sera play outside. Yesterday was probably borderline, but as you can see she had a blast. I had to bribe her with hot chocolate to get her inside. She was so hyped up after playing in the snow. She kept asking me to bake chocolate chip cookies. She was too wound up to do something with that many steps, so I talked her into a box mix of brownies instead. Just stir, pour, and bake.

In case you're curious, we woke up to a a temperature of -19 degrees with a windchill of -35. That's insane. We got up to around 4, but it's back in the negative numbers. We expect to warm all the way up to 20 next week, and I can't wait. And I'm not even kidding.

Sera ran to the door and said take a picture me, Mommy.
She thinks the front door is where she should pose.

Checking out the snow. Notice the snow is up to Jim's knees?
He's 6'4"
So he dug out a boogie board and put it to use as a sled/snowshoe.
Now Sera doesn't fall through the snow. Here's she's making a "snowman".
Unfortunately, it's light, fluffy snow and won't pack. Think she's having fun? Daddy goes to help and buries her instead. Wild laughter ensued. Balancing on the boogie board. Snow Angel
Step 1
Have someone drop you in the snow. Snow Angel
Step 2
Wave your arms wildly. Snow Angel
Step 3
View your masterpiece. A quick trip around the yard.



Blogger Wendi said...

Looks like fun! It is very sad that we are happy about temps in the 20's!!

Blogger Marcia said...

The boys and I just checked these pix out...they are jealous of the snow.

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