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Monday, January 26, 2009
Bring On The Cow!
I've wanted a freezer for years. We have a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer that holds hardly anything. Shortly after we moved in we bought a used refrigerator from a co-worker of Jim's for $50. It was old with the freezer on top. It also has a bullet in the side. She sold the refrigerator because her insurance paid for a new one after her house was mistaken for a crack house and shot up in a drive-by. Luckily, neither she nor her dogs were hurt. She no longer lives there either.

Anyway, that became our backup freezer. Even better, it's a backup refrigerator. We keep it stocked with beverages, and it comes in very handy when cooking for holidays.

Today's newspaper advertised this deal at our local grocery store. If you spent $100 on meat, seafood, or frozen foods, you could buy the freezer for $99. It's not the upright freezer I've wanted. I'm afraid of what I'll lose in the bottom of the chest. But $99? It's worth the risk.

We've always wanted to take advantage of the deals our butcher offers a few times a year where you buy a whole, half, or quarter cow. I think we can do it now.



Blogger Tammie said...

So basically, you're spending $200 on a freezer? At least you're getting groceries too. I wish our stores had deals like this one. David & I like to buy a bunch of cow at a time also, but we have a side by side ourselves.

Blogger Magi said...

Basically, but with half of that going to groceries, it doesn't sting as much. I know that chest freezers aren't expensive, but I never would have bought one. I would have just kept saying, like I have for the last 10 years, that I'll wait and get an upright. Then I end up with nothing. This was just enough to push me into going for the chest. I'll get that upright someday.

Blogger Wendi said...

I really want an upright also. I have a chest freezer and am very grateful for it. I have to go through it every other month or so to make sure nothing is lost at the bottom. We keep saying we are going to buy a cow with my parents, but never do.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a deal!!

Blogger Laura said...

That's a deal!!! We used to have a chest freezer and I was just careful to rotate food so I didn't lose things in the bottom - and labeling everything helped too!

Blogger Kiy said...

Great deal, I would have been all over that too. Except, hubby is a hunter. If we get a freezer I know he will want to fill it with venison, elk, and other things that would frighten me. However, I think it would be worth the chance. In 15+ years of marriage, he has yet to bring anything home! (Granted, he hasn't been able to go hunting in 7 years, hehe.)

Have fun!

Blogger PIPO said...

Woohoo to the moo moo!

Hey, I can finally say I know someone with a bullet-riddled fridge. Cool!

Blogger Kiy said...

Oh, and your banner is back up! :)

Blogger Michelle said...

Very nice--I've always wanted a 2nd fridge/freezer. Enjoy!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very good deal, indeed.

We've had a second freezer for the past several years, now, and we LOVE it. We make a lot of stock, waiting until we run out and then making probably 10 gallons at a time, parceled into 2-cup Tupperware containers. There is something profoundly satisfying about having your own homemade stock on-hand for any sort of cooking need.

We haven't done the side of beef thing in a while, mostly because we just haven't bothered to find a new supplier since the last one went out of business. But when we did, we always named it Ferd. As in, Ferdinand ze Bool. No?

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