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Saturday, January 31, 2009
Because I Never Procrastinate
No, it wasn't procrastination. It had to be something else. Why else would a post I meant to write almost two weeks ago just now be appearing?

At the end of our unexpected 5-day weekend, four of which were spent stuck inside during -19 temps and a foot+ of new snow fall, Jim and I decided to spend that Monday together. He took Sera to daycare while I showered and dressed and then we headed out. We went to lunch, where I could order what I wanted without making sure it was something Sera would like and eat. We had a wonderful meal at a restaurant that's fairly new around here, Granite City. It's a midwestern chain that I had never heard of until it opened here.

We had a wonderful meal and took our time. No rushing to get out before Sera's patience wore out. I would not give up one minute with Sera, but it was very nice to just relax, have a meal, and converse with my husband. We even ordered a big decadent chocolate dessert. We never order dessert.

We left the restaurant in time to catch the first showing at the local theater. That's now the third movie I've seen in a theater in the last two years. Luckily, I really don't miss it because we enjoy the drive-in so much during the summer. In any case, it was fun to actually see a grownup movie in a movie theater.

We went to see Defiance. I think I enjoyed the movie more than Jim did. The opening scene was very difficult as you see families ripped apart by Nazi soldiers sending the female Jewish villagers one way and the males another. I've become much more sensitive to scenes of mothers and children being separated. Knowing their outcome did not make this any easier to watch.

The film was based on the true story of the Bieski brothers and their time in the forests of Belarus. Literally hundreds of Jewish refugees found their way to this forest to hide. Over 1200 walked out years later alive and well. They built homes, schools, even a hospital, all while hiding from the German army.

I found the movie to be touching and very well acted. Daniel Craig and Liev Shreiber were just awesome.

Maybe it wasn't dinner, but it was a meal and a movie with my husband, and I enjoyed it.



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