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Sunday, November 09, 2008
You'd Think I'd Know Better By Now
Last night, I headed up to bed around 9:30ish. I wasn't planning to go to sleep yet, but soon. Laura had given us a big bag of hand-me-downs from Kira to Sera. They have been so generous in passing on Kira's clothes. I'd say Kira's clothes are easily 50% of Sera's wardrobe. Anyway, I watched the end of Without a Trace and sorted clothes. I then finished going through the last of our current stock of catalogs. The Christmas catalog invasion is in full force.

I still wasn't quite ready to sleep, so I started looking to see what was on TV. I wanted to find something to watch for about 30 minutes, an hour at most. It's so rare that I find any movie on our too many movie channels. In fact, I want to cancel them all. Our budget is too tight, and there's some room right there to cut. Okay, I keep losing focus here.

Starting at 10:00, I found a movie I actually wanted to see. I put it on thinking I'll see if I like the beginning, and then find out when else it's on to finish it later. I ended up watching Juno and didn't go to bed until 11:30. Whoa, Nelly!

Why was this a bad decision?

12:15 AM - Sera wakes crying. Goes back to sleep.

12:25 AM - Sera not really asleep. Making unhappy noises, but not really crying. Get up to go to bathroom planning on checking on her afterwards. Go to her door. It's quiet. Go back to bed.

12:40 AM - Crying starts again, but now includes calls for mommy. Get up go to her room, where she hands me her pillow, her blanket, and reaches up to be picked up. I put her pillow back, and take her and her blanket to the rocker. She immediately snuggles in and goes to sleep.

2:30 AM - Sera's sleeping, but she keeps trying to change position. Rather awkward when she's on top of me while I sit in the rocker/recliner. Realize that the super jumbo sized drink at the movie theater may not have been such a good idea.

2:40 AM - Give up on rocker. Sera gets upset when I try to put her down. I'm too tired to think right. I know that if I just put her back in the crib, she'll cry for about 20 seconds and fall asleep. All I can think of is must go to the bathroom, must go to sleep. Like a dingdong, I just bring her with me. We relocate to my bed.

Sleep fitfully as the 26 pound occupant of the bed manages to take up the most space.

6:00 AM - Mommy, want to go potty. Stomach hurts. Want to go potty.

6:02 AM - Knock on daddy's head like he's a door. When he responds, cheerfully make announcement about going potty. Everyone settles back down to sleep.

6:20 AM - Mommy, mommy! Want to go downstairs. Head downstairs. Turn on lights. Let dog out. Collapse on couch.

7:00 AM - I want cheese and cwackers and juice.

Is it too early for a nap yet?

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Blogger Susan said...

Every single time, without fail, that we decide to stay up a little late, the girls wake up just as we turn in and then we're up for the next few hours. I just don't always WANT to go to bed at 9:00, ya know?

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