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Sunday, September 14, 2008
Princess Power
We've needed rain all summer long. We got it! It rained continuously from Friday morning to this morning. The rain has ended, and we should be sunny the rest of the week.

Sera and I stayed home on Friday. On Thursday evening, I had parent conferences at school. When I came home, I ran upstairs to see her and say good night. I was greeted with her usual greeting, "mommy's home!", but this time I also got something new. "I missed you, mommy." It was the first time she's ever said that sentence. We all three snuggled for about 15 minutes before I went back downstairs to let daddy finish their bedtime routine. She went to bed as happily as usual, but she didn't go to sleep. When we went to bed, she joined us. She tried to sleep, but just couldn't. She finally told me that she had an owie and pointed to her ear. I touched her lobe and asked if it hurt there. She said no. I touched the top of her ear. No. I placed my finger over the ear canal. Yes.

Since she went to sleep so late and because I feared a possible ear infection, we stayed home. We couldn't get in to the doctor's office until 1:40. Since that was in the middle of nap time, I made sure we went out to lunch. I was afraid that if we stayed home, she'd fall asleep. Sera takes long naps, but if she falls asleep for even five minutes and then has to get up, she will not nap again. I wanted to wait until we were home from the doctor for her to nap. I, on the other hand, would have loved a nap. I was up until 1 am with her and then had to get up at 5:15 am to call for a sub, write up my plans and email them in. By the time I had done all that, I was awake. Just as I was feeling like I could climb back into bed and sleep, Sera woke up for the day.

She did not have an ear infection. She had congested sinuses and some two-year molar action. We've had several false alarms with the molars, but this time we have doctor confirmation. The doctor said that between the two, she probably was experiencing some ear pain, but it wasn't an infection. She was also extremely impressed to see that Sera was completely potty trained and could dress herself. The doctor saw this because as soon as we entered the exam room, Sera stripped. When I told her she didn't have to take all her clothes off, she looked at me like I was crazy, rubbed her belly, and said, "doctor, belly." I guess she told me. She kept opening her mouth and saying ah as well. I told her the doctor would look in her mouth, but she was going to look in her ears, too. Sera then pointed to the instrument on the counter and said ears. She's one smart cookie!

It was a good thing we went out to lunch as we didn't leave the house again until this morning. With all of us still in recovery from this awful cold, local flooding, and roads being washed away, it just seemed silly to venture out. We hunkered down and watched movies all weekend.

Last week, we attended a princess birthday party for one of the girls in Sera's China adoption playgroup. It was wonderful to see so many princesses. Most were Disney princesses, but Sera was a snow queen.


Don't I look mahvelous? These are my favorite red sequin shoes.

At the party

This is one cool basement!

Sera absolutely loves the Fancy Nancy books, but, for some reason, she calls her Ticky Ticky. When Sera saw herself in this outfit, her eyes got big and she said ticky ticky. This weekend, I put this and a purple fairy costume with wings and a wand in a tote for her to play dress up. She saw the purple costume with it's tutu and immediately wanted to wear it. She calls it her baahrina dess. Jim brought her a pink bear wearing a purple leotard and tutu. We call her ballerina bear. Now they can dress alike.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

spending the weekend inside watching movies sounds good to me, hope everyone/everything is better!

Blogger Tammie said...

You are going to be in trouble very soon. That is one bright little girl you have. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she's amazingly adorable too!

Blogger Beth said...

Gorgeous Snow Queen!!! What a grown up girl you have - completely potty trained, too? WOW!

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