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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Egg Sammich
Sera and I already have our morning routines down pat again.

I go to her room at 5:50 AM. I turn on her light and get her clothes out. This is the early-warning system that lets her know it's time to get up. I then go to her crib and sing our good morning song while I rub her back. She'll pretend like she's still sleeping. I call her Stinkerbelle (Jim came up with that nickname, and she loves it!) and tell her that I can see her. Her giggles give her away.

I pick her up and carry her to the changing table aka the dresser. She sits on the edge, puts her head on my chest, and we cuddle for a few minutes. Most days I just dress her. Some days I let her choose between two outfits.

Once I start dressing her, she always says "eat?" She usually asks for cheerios. This morning she asked for an egg sammich.

A few weeks ago, I fixed Sera's bowl of cheerios and made myself an egg sandwich. I hadn't had one in ages. You know the kind: two slices of bread, mayo, and one fried egg. I like to break the yolk when I put in the pan, but I don't scramble it. I let it cook and then flip it to cook the top. I end up with a thin layer of yolk in between two thin layers of egg white. I sat down next to Sera while she was eating her cereal with my sandwich. She took one look, made an ooooh sound, and stole the second half. This is one of the few things she now asks for by name. She loves them.

Then it's off the potty where she sits for 10 seconds or until she goes, whichever comes first. She's not real happy about this addition to her agenda, but she's actually started going the last few days. A quick brush of her teeth, and we head downstairs.

While she works her way down the last 3 or 4 steps, I let the dog out and turn on the TV for "music, mommy!"

I get her breakfast, make and pack my lunch, and let the dog back in.

I usually bring Sera her breakfast before I make my lunch, but today I had to cook it and let it cool.

While she eats, I brush her hair and put on her shoes. Today, when I walked in the living room. She was sitting on the couch waiting for her sammich. She had gotten her shoes from her basket and put them on herself.

Daddy joins us downstairs and we head out by 6:30 AM.

We were alternating each day on who would walk Sera to her class. It was harder on her when we both walked her because she wanted to stay with us. The last three times though, she has told me to wait in the car. Daddy take in.

Her teacher told Jim that as soon as we leave, she always goes to the teacher and shows off her outfit for the day.

My little girl is growing up.



Anonymous Sandra said...

Yes, our girls have a way of growing up WAY too fast!

Blogger Beverly said...

cute story!!

Blogger Tammie said...

Ah, the magic of a routine!

Blogger Wendi said...

The girls sure are growing up too fast!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simple sweet life of little Sera. What a mama to wake her up so gently and make her egg samiches on request :)!

Blogger Kiy said...

I love your morning routine, and Sera must too! I forgot about egg sammies, maybe Emi and I need to share one tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder!

Cheers, Kiy

Blogger Theresa said...

Aww! What a nice routine! I'm sure Sera loves to wake up like that. :) She's really growing up!

You have now made me crave an egg sammich!

Anonymous Kati said...

I highly recommend dill pickle slices as an addition to your egg sandwich. They came on the side with a Waffle House egg sandwich and I decided to try the - its the salt of bacon without the fat.

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