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Friday, September 26, 2008
Oh My Goodness!

One of the cutest expressions Sera makes is when she says oh my goodness. She nails the tone. It's hysterical.

Last night, I was in her room reading to her before bed. Most of the time she'll sit on my lap in the rocker, but sometimes she plays while I'm reading. Last night she'd asked her daddy to bring her all her babies. He brought up her play pack 'n' play with Nana, MeiMei, Sophie, and little baby. Poor little baby doesn't have a real name. She was tucking them in and shushing me if I got too loud reading Little Bear. She reminded me that the babies were sleeping.

Suddenly she exclaimed, "Oh my goodness!" and held her hand out to me. Her thumb and forefinger were pinched, and the rest of her fingers were held delicately away from the imaginary item. She looked at me, shook her head and told me that Nana's diaper was poopy. I can't say if I ever reacted to her dirty diapers with that much drama, but we're raising one little drama queen here. It's so hard to keep a straight face sometimes.

She's not just a drama queen either. She's a social butterfly, too.

I'm sure all of the families who travelled with us in China would be shocked to see Sera now. During our first week together, Sera would be happy and giggling in our hotel room. Every single time we left, she became crying, clingy baby. I know this was natural. She was going through a whole lot of changes.

But you should see her now. Everyone, and I mean everyone, at Sera's school knows her by name. She even has a best friend, Lola. It's so funny when she says Lola's name because she clicks her tongue with each L. This is the only time she clicks with her Ls, but it's cute.

Jim usually takes her inside in the morning. He was telling me the other day that they have to stop at every classroom door so Sera can say hi. She'll stop and show off whatever she's wearing to staff. Then she walks into her room to cries of Sera's here! When we pick her up in the afternoons, it's the reverse. She hugs her teacher, waves good bye, and starts her procession out of the building. She stops at the next room to hug that teacher bye, waves to the other rooms, and then stops at the baby room to peek in the windows and wave. She then turns to me, puts her finger to her mouth and shsses us. "Babies sleeping" is what she tells us. Every staff member who passes us knows her by name. This center has children from 6 weeks to 12 (with before/after school care for the older ones), but everyone knows Sera.

Who knew she'd be such a dramatic butterfly?

I am woefully negligent. This week Tammie gave me this lovely award.

Which reminded me that when we were on vacation, Kiy gave me this lovely award, and I never posted about it.

Thank you, ladies! I read both of your blogs everytime you post something new. I love watching your beautiful daughters grow.

I'm supposed to choose five blogs for each award. Yikes! There are so many I enjoy reading. Watch this space for the update when I add them. I've got to go and get all the links and stuff, but I wanted to get this post up right away.



Anonymous Sandra said...

Isn't it grand to be raising a drama queen?? I've got one at my house, too. Too cute ;-)

Blogger PIPO said...

Oh, what an adorable drama queen she is. I am so looking forward to my own performances :0)

Blogger Tammie said...

Drama queens are so much fun. Erin's VPK teacher gave her the nickname DQ. It's stuck.

Blogger Wendi said...

What a cutie!

We have a love for babies in our house. I hear all day shh, baby is sleeping or change babies diaper, stinky. So cute!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cute!

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