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Sunday, September 21, 2008
Monday, Monday
Another quiet weekend at home. At least no one was sick and we weren't in the middle of a monsoon this time.

We did go out to dinner on Friday and picked up a few things at Old Navy. I realized that Sera hadn't worn socks in months and none of hers fit anymore. Looking at the weather forecast, I'd say we have one more week of summer weather before fall really kicks in. Our temps are supposed to be in the high 70s/low 80s all week. The weekend brings some rain and the temps for the following week drop to the high 60s/low 70s. It will be time to put away the summer sandals and retire the purple Crocs.

Jim put Sera's Learning Tower together this weekend, and it was a huge hit. She calls it her house, and played in it all afternoon on Saturday. On Sunday, she and daddy broke it in by taking it to the kitchen where they made Sera's lunch. She's had a thing lately where she takes his sandwich away anytime he makes one and starts to eat it. On Sunday, she did the same, so he took her to the kitchen to make her own. Now Jim likes to make Dagwood-style sandwiches, so it shouldn't be a surprise to hear what Sera chose for her own. Her sandwich had one slice of ham, one slice of buffalo chicken, one slice of provolone cheese, tomato, red onion, and bread & butter pickle with mayonaise. She choose every item, and she ate it. At Friday's dinner, we split 1 1/2 lbs of snow crab claws for dinner between the three of us. I think she ate the most. We were both cracking them open and feeding her as fast as we could as she shouted more more. She has a very sophisticated palate for a 2 year old.

The picture was taken weeks ago, but I recently found it on my camera. We were shopping at Target when she spotted the kitchen. They had accessories hanging next to it. She grabbed a kitchen towel and started playing. I had to literally pull her away when it was time to go. We don't have room in our living room for a kitchen, but she's adapted. We had pushed our round coffee table into a corner to open up the middle for her to play. It is now her stove. The cabinet underneath the TV, which used to store old VHS tapes we never watched, is now her oven. She came up with this all on her own, but it works. We had planned to redo an upstairs room to be a combination family room/office for me/playroom, but we can't right now. That room belongs to Shadow now and will for the foreseeable future.



Blogger PIPO said...

Ahhhhh.....Life IS good.

Blogger Colleen said...

But I don't wanna give up sandals!!!!!!!!!! Hannah refuses to wear sox....or long sleeve shirts for that matter. This fall/winter thing really isn't too convenient!

Love that pic.... love that kitchen.

Blogger Beverly said...

she is so adorable.

Blogger Theresa said...

Lol, it doesn't surprise me at all that she has such amazing taste, seeing as she's YOUR daughter. XD P.S. I miss your cooking.

Blogger Tammie said...

Sera really looks like she's ready to start cooking. Too cute!

And, just why should you have any more room for toys than the rest of us!?

Blogger Michelle said...

darling photo! we had to buy new socks this month too--when we had MAM measured for shoes, she'd grown she'd grown two sized from her last pair of closed-toed shoes! (honest, her feet weren't hanging out over her sandals)

Blogger Tammie said...

Stop by. I left you something.

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