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Sunday, August 03, 2008
More Summer Fun
I've already posted two pictures of Sera playing with this beach ball, but I love them all, so here are some more. She was having so much fun. It kept bouncing into the firepit, that's why her face and shirt are so dirty. I didn't have the heart to stop her once I noticed. The damage was already done.

She also got a kick out of collecting baby pine cones.
Sera loves baths, but hates showers. I was surprised when she went willingly with me to take a shower. Once we made it to the bathroom, I picked her up to see the mirror. I wish I had my camera then. The look on her face when she saw how dirty she was was just priceless. "Mama, Sera's face ucky. Mama, shower!" She jumped into that water to get her face cleaned. It was hysterical.



Blogger Tammie said...

Dirt can be so much fun!

Blogger Tracey said...

Last picture is the BEST. I love dirty kid pics!

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