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Thursday, August 07, 2008
Catching Up
Okay, I've posted a lot of pictures lately, so you'll have to forgive the lack of one now. This will be a hodgepodge of things I've been meaning to post.

I forgot to pass on a couple of things from our vacations.

When we drove to Vegas, we took the wrong exit and ended up in the wrong part of town. We passed the jail, all the bail bonds places, the justice center, etc... In a bizarre moment of irony, Who Are You? was playing on the radio.

This happened one other time on our trip, and I can't remember it at all.

Sera did an amazing job with all the driving. She watched Finding Nemo and Happy Feet aka Nemo and Penguin 999 times. We also enjoyed mooing every time we saw cows, and we saw a lot of cows, and yelling horsie everytime we saw...well, you get it. We even got to baaa a few times.

Stopping and letting her run around was a big key to our success.

She was not as fond of the drive to Michigan the following week, but slept most of the time, both coming and going.

She's a huge fan of listening to baseball on the radio. She would complain on the few station identification breaks XM radio took. This helped a lot because Jim listened to many Tiger games while we drove.

She also developed empathy. During the camping trip, she started asking Jim and me if we were okay with this very concerned voice and expression. She was especially concerned when Jim had to haul me out of the raft. Can't say that I blame her.

Croc flip-flops may not be the best camping shoes. I actually bought shoes at Cabela's, but didn't wear them because they're cute and I didn't want them getting dirty. My Crocs wash easier. Jim thinks this is crazy illogical. It makes perfect sense to me.

When you shower at a campsite, you keep your shoes on. Another reason why the Crocs were good. Unfortunately, you walk out and step into dirt with damp shoes and feet. So much for clean feet.

When we first got to our room at the Grand Hotel, I plopped in the chair, took off my shoes and commented that I wasn't sure how much was dirt and how much was tan line on my feet. Sera took one look at my feet and rushed daddy to the bathroom. She asked him for a washcloth and told him to put water on it. She then came out and rubbed the top of my feet. "Mommy, you okay?" I assured her several times that I was fine. I think she thought the dirt was hurting me.

She loses all empathy if she's the one who has inflicted pain. Then it's funny.

All our travelling caused a little backsliding in the potty training area. She will poop on the potty, but we're not making it everytime she has to pee. Unless she wants an M&M. Then she miraculously has to go.

Will I still have to give her M&M's for going potty when she's in high school?

On Tuesday, she and I had a dentist appointment. I went first, so she could watch. It was her first time. She and daddy got to sit and observe. When the hygienist was polishing my teeth, Sera came over and held my hand while asking if I was okay. She's too cute!

When it was her turn, she jumped right into that chair and said, "Aaahhh!" I had been warned that on the first visit they rarely got to do more then count the teeth. She let them count, polish, floss, and apply the flouride treatment. She was so cooperative.

We'd been reading a book about going to the dentist. I think it helped.

The next day a commercial came on for a local dentist. Sera pointed and said, "Look mommy, open aaahh."

On Wednesday, Sera started her new daycare.

We were torn between two daycares. We chose the one we did because they offer night time service until 11:30 pm. This means we could actually go on a date or something. They only charge $5.00 an hour for this. Can you believe it?

She's officially in young pre-school now. She'll be classified as pre-school once she's potty-trained. She had a lot of fun and asked to go to bed 30 minutes before her bed time.

Her bed time has now moved up an hour. On Thursday, she asked to go night-night at 5:45 pm. Her bed time last school year was in her room by 6 pm for reading and some play. Over the summer, it became 7:30-8ish. We're looking at 6:30 now, but it may move back to 6 by next week when we start getting her up at 6 am instead of 7 am.

On her own, she'll sleep 12 hours and still nap for 2-3 hours.

It's nice having some time in the evening to get stuff done, but we're lucky to get 2-3 hours with her before she's asleep. I'd love to keep her up later, but that's not fair or healthy for her.

I already miss spending all day with her.

So does Jim.

This is when we remind ourselves how lucky we were to be able to do that this summer.

My niece just had a birthday. I talked to one of my sisters the other day about her birthday. Not her mother. Did I remember to call? Did I get her gift to her on time? Is one on the way?

The answers are two nos and a yes. Can you guess where they belong?

Another niece had a birthday last month. I'm batting 1000 here.

I'm obviously shooting for Aunt of the Year title. Ha!

Jim and I spent all day today in our respective classrooms getting ready.

We spent yesterday buying supplies for school. We're not done.

Back to work on Monday with students on Wednesday.

Summer vacation is over.

It was good. Very, very good.



Anonymous Sandra said...

Whoa, that was a whole lotta updating :-)

You have created lifelong family memories from your summer vacation. I am always sad when a vacation is over, but also glad to go back to a routine...

Sounds like a busy, wonderful summer!

Young pre-school? They are growing up much to fast!

Blogger Kiy said...

What a wonderful summer. Hard when it has to end, but what a summer you all had this year. I am still amazed at all the driving you did with Sera and with only two movies! I did a five hour (each way) drive with Emi and had seven dvd's with me! (Okay, so I am a chicken but she really doesn't get the whole looking out the window thing yet.)

Wow, back to school already. Is it me or does it seem it's earlier and earlier every year? I miss the old days of the 'day after Labor Day'.

Have a good week! Kiy

Here in New England, school usually starts the week before Labor Day but since it's so early this year, we're starting the day after. Sigh. I'm kinda ready. EJ goes to camp next week, and we're camping a few days while she's there with Sophie...then a little trip to Vermont over Labor Day weekend to the Vermont Teddy Bear factory and the Ben and Jerry's factory (YEAH!!!). Maybe next year, you can come to New England for your summer vacation. Wouldn't Jim like to see Detroit at Fenway in Boston?!?!?! It's about impossible to get tix, but I'll help you need it!!! :)

If you don't mind sharing, what book did you use about going to the dentist?

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