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Saturday, August 09, 2008

I will confess that I didn't watch the whole thing, but I did watch the beginning. It was spectacular. I was especially impressed by the drumming performance. Okay, I was impressed by all of it. I wish Sera had been old enough to appreciate it. She was sound asleep long before it started.

My third sister has finally been sucked in to the vortex known as blog world. Welcome, Kati!

Jim is in Detroit watching the Tigers with a few of his friends. He and two other teachers at his school make an annual trip to a baseball and a football game. It's something he looks forward to doing. This meant girl's day for Sera and me. We headed to my salon this morning to get her haircut. She's grown up so much. She sat there and turned as directed. She even tucked her chin when the back was getting cut. We then headed to the store for a few things. I had told her our plans ahead of time. When we left the store to go home, she started singing the "we did it" song from Dora. I laughed when I realized she was seeing the day as one of Dora's adventures. All together now, salon, store, home. We did it!



Blogger PIPO said...

I am so not up on my Dora. I figure she'll be old hat by the time my kid hits that age range ;0) Too funny.

I loved the opening ceremony...even on a dinky TV in the hospital call room. I look forward to seeing it on the big screen at home sometime and I'm sure it will be even better.

Blogger Colleen said...

The opening ceremondy just blew my mind! Hannah watched some if it - then fell asleep. Just so amazing.

Blogger Marcia said...

You have to somehow find video of the torch lighting...that was amazing!

I love that she was singing the Dora song...how cute!

Blogger Kiy said...

We dvr'd the Opening Ceremonies, Emi watch the whole thing ... in small increments. I loved them, breathtaking. And I agree, you need to find the rest on-line if you can. Some pretty amazing moments, all told. Actually, I am hoping that at some point they will be available on dvd.

I loved the Dora reference! We are just now discovering Dora (and Diego). Not sure Emi follows the story lines but she loves to sing and dance and clap. She's a delight to watch when either of these shows are on.

Have a great week, Kiy

P.S. I gave you a bloggy award, and you don't have to do a thing! No long list, no forwarding (unless you want to) just plain goofy fun. :)

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