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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Ho Ho Ho
My husband has brainwashed my child. Part of their nightly routine includes watching an episode of Teen Titans on dvd. They can sing the theme song. Jim sings the verses and Sera joins in with Teen Titans in the appropriate places. It might sound something like EEE III, but we know what it means. She's got the "let's go" part down pat.

Tonight, Jim had parent conferences so I put Sera to bed. We went up to her room earlier than usual, so I thought we would watch The Little Mermaid. As I put her pajamas on, she started asking for EEE III, but I told her we were going to watch something different.

We started the movie and she was enjoying the doggie and the pish. King Neptune then made his appearance and Sera started saying, "ho, ho, ho." I told her that it wasn't Santa but the Little Mermaid's father, King Neptune, and he just looked like Santa. In the next scene, he jumped in his carriage and held the reins. This time when she said ho, ho, ho, I threw my hands up in the air.

After about 15 minutes, she looked at me and said EEE III again. She was sitting on my lap and we were rocking. I told her that we'd have to change the dvd to watch Teen Titans. She jumped off my lap, went to her TV, opened the door, pushed the open button for the dvd tray, and was holding the dvd out to me before I even got the dvd case open. I put the Teen Titans dvd in. She heard the music, giggled, ran back to the rocker, and told me to siddow. After I sat down, she turned her back to me, raised her arms, and said, "Up!" She snuggled back, demanded her kie kie (blankie), and told me to "rock me."

This girl knows what she wants. Though she's still a bit confused about that whole ho, ho, ho thing.



Blogger Jacquie said...

Doesn't it just kill you that our girls have opinions already? Just wait 'til they're 16!

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