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Wednesday, January 09, 2008
What A Difference A Week Makes

Remember this? This was last Thursday. Take all that snow, add two days with temps hitting the 60s, severe thunderstorms, and you end up with this.

This is a picture of my school. As you can imagine, classes were cancelled for today and tomorrow. That's good because the temps are back down into the 30s, and I think that's a bit chilly to swim to school in.

That means that Sera and I had an unexpected day off. What to do? Of course, the call came about 15 minutes before I left. That means Sera was awake and dressed. Well, dressed at least.

Then she decided to torment Shadow for a while.

We then headed to Mickey D's to crash the playgroup. It was great to see everyone again. We'd seen some at Breakfast with Santa and others at the Halloween party, but we hadn't been back to a regular playgroup date since school started. I didn't get any pictures because Sera was very focused on eating all four of her chicken nuggets and half of her apple slices. She finally headed over to the play area, but didn't really play much. She doesn't see the other girls enough anymore. I'm sure it will change when we start going back regularly next summer.

After playgroup, we headed to the mall. Can you guess what we did?

Maybe this will help?

Yep, I had her ears pierced. It went really well. Don't let this face fool you. She was pouting because I told her she had to give me the lollipop stick before going to play. Right after the piercing, I took her to the play area. After I took this picture, she handed me the stick and took off to play. She was laughing and having a great time. The ladies who did the piercing were great. They measured carefully, got the guns ready, and did it at the same time. It took her about 30 seconds to react, and I think that was to the noise more than anything. They had that lollipop unwrapped and in her hands in seconds.

We then bought some hair bows, a new pair of shoes (Sera finally hit a size 5!), shared a strawberry julius, and headed home. She crashed tonight. This was a big day.

Now what am I supposed to do for an encore tomorrow???



Blogger i-Con said...

Wooooo to little Miss Bling.

That picture of Sera on the kiddie couch is a crack-up. I can SO relate to that feeling.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, the weather sounds and looks crazy there. I thought we have been cold and wet in my part of the country!

Jing has also hit the twos with a blast. We have had to use time-out for what we affectionately call "fitties." It all jsut started, so we will see how it goes. Amazing what a tiny little person can do with their ver large weill!

Thanks for the card! Sera looks darling. I had 40 made, sent out around 20, paused to finish up the next day, and the cards I had made have yet to be found. I have a feeling a tiny person at my house may have thrown them in the garbage when I was cleaning :0.

Blogger Jessdine said...


Blogger Pug Mama said...

say hello to global warming.
LOVE Ms. Thangs earrings!!!!

Great way to spend the day. I really want to get Megan's ear pierced but I am so afraid! I am sure it would hurt me more then it would her.

Blogger Marcia said...

Love the earings! I just posted Ava's pix.

Blogger Tammie said...

I think having off at the last minute is great. It sure looks like you had a wonderful day together. David won't let me have Erin's ears pierced. And after hearing what's done, she isn't in having them pierced anyway. Oh well.

The pictures are wonderful, but my fave is the couch pic.

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