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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
A New Day, A New Year
This is the view outside my bedroom window. We had 11 inches of snow fall overnight with another 4-10" forecasted for today and tonight. Wooeee! Luckily, we have no where we have to go today. Jim did a grocery run yesterday so we're set. It's a good day to snuggle in at home.

I'm a big ole copycat, so here's my year in pictures just like every other blog out there. 2007 was a wonderful year for us. We're looking so forward to 2008. We wish all of you a wonderful 2008 as well.


This a a picture of the matching room at the CCAA.


On February 2nd, we learned that our daughter was Liang Xiao Sheng.


As we waited for TA, we received this updated photo of Sera.


On April 2nd, Sera was placed in our arms. That picture is my avatar on the blog. Here is one a few hours later when we got her back in our room. The poor thing was so hot. Daddy had to work a long time to get this smile. It would be days before we saw it again.


Daddy & Sera playing airplane in the grocery store.


Sera masters walking with a little help from a friend.


Chillin' in the pool in Gulf Shores.


Finally conquered the scary seahorse in the backyard.


I love my butterfly rocker!


Can we party in the street every night?


The infamous sock glove. It's all the rage, but on one hand only, please.


This month gets two 'cause she's too cute! The first one was our nature girl enjoying the woods at Callaway Gardens last week. The bottom one was from Jim's birthday party at our favorite local restaurant, Eddie's.

Happy New Year 2008!



Blogger Pug Mama said...

You have had a beautiful year!!!

Blogger LaLa said...

What a wonderful year you have had. Hoping 2008 brings you joy as well.

Oh my, what a year 2007 was!! 2008can only be better with our little sweeties by our side!

Blogger Monica said...

She is beautiful! I love the Christmas tree picture!
Happy New Year!

Blogger Tammie said...

Happy New Year!

What great pictures! It certainly has been a super year for you guys. I can't wait to see what 2008 brings you!

Blogger i-Con said...

I have so appreciated you sharing you family with us. What a great year it was for you.

I wish you and yours all the best in 2008.

Blogger Beth said...

LOVE the update! I can't believe how much our Autumn Dreamer daughters have grown and changed over these past few months. We sure are lucky families!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2008 to you as well!


P.S. - I think I fixed the photo problem on our site. I hope so anyway. :) My fingers are crossed.

Blogger Beverly said...

So cute and so many changes in her.


Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

She is such a beautiful little girl! Love that dress! What a blessing for you all!

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