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Thursday, January 03, 2008
Winter Wonderland

Views from my front door. This was about halfway through the snowstorm when we had a lull. Jim had already dug his car out once. We never measured our snowfall, but the town 10 minutes to our east got 19.5 inches and the town 10 minutes to our west got 16 inches. We're somewhere in there. We've been snowed in for three days. Jim usually shovels as we don't have a snowblower, but his back has been bothering him. He always resisted getting a snowblower because we really only need one about 2 or 3 times a year. We called a service to come dig us out of this one. They didn't get here until almost 3:00pm today. As soon as that drive was clear, we were out of here. I didn't care if we just drove around the block, I needed to get out of the house. Instead we went to Target and then dinner. Tomorrow, we go to price snowblowers.



Blogger Kate said...

A snowblower costs just about $50 more than my husband is willing to spend. I'm bitter about this.

Blogger Gail said...

I know that snow can be one big "drag"
But you have to admit, it is very pretty.
Your pictures are beautiful and looks very peaceful.

I also pay for someone to plow me out.
I am on "the list" and he comes when there is a big snow storm.
It's worth the $$

Chuck is so jealous, he loves snow and wants lots of it! We don't get quite that much in cental Indiana. I am happy with our 4-8 in snow falls. It is pretty, but does not keep us in for days!

With that much snow I think I would have paid to be dug out also.

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