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Monday, September 03, 2007
Woo Hoo
My banner's back. I missed it. It's a long, boring story. Okay, not long, but definitely boring. Anyway, it's back.

Congratulations to my playgroup friend, Jodi. She's been coming to the weekly playgroup while she waits for her referral. Even though Sera and I can't make it anymore because of school, Jodi still goes. Her LID is 11/24/05. CCAA announced that they've sent referrals through 11/25. Jodi is in. Congrats to her and her family.

Who knew that everything closed on Labor Day? I'm used to living in resort areas that have booming business on Labor Day weekend. It's usually the last big weekend of the season. Today, we ran into town for a quick errand. We were going to get some lunch, too. We tried about five different restaurants, all closed, before we ended up back at our neighborhood Chinese restaurant. They never let us down.

I posted twice yesterday, so be sure to scroll down and see the pictures of Sera on her butterfly rocker. Too cute!



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