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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
I Am Not A Freak - Update
Well, at least not on this issue.

Ever since we came home with Sera, I've had a recurring nightmare. I mentioned it to Jim once, but never really talked about it. I just thought I was a bit of a freak.

Sera sleeps in her crib every night. She naps in her crib every day, unless she's at daycare. She has never so much as fallen asleep in our bed. We didn't really want her to get in the habit of sleeping with us everynight, but I'll confess to wishing she'd take a little nap in our bed when she wakes up at 7am on a Saturday morning. No way. Mommy and Daddy's bed is for playtime and breakfast in bed.

So why do I dream that she's in our bed and about to crawl/roll off the bed? I wake up at least four nights a week from this dream. Each time, my heart is racing as I reach for her. As soon as I wake up, I remind myself she's in her crib, and go back to sleep.

It turns out this is common for new mothers. I was reading Chicago Moms Blog when I saw this post, which led me to this article.

See! I am NOT a freak. At least not on this issue....

Update: This is even more common than I realized. This morning I read this on MSNBC.com.



I am so happy I found your great blog! I was interviewed in this article and wrote the CMB post and I also thought I was alone in these crazy-making dreams. Just like you, we did not co-sleep with my son nor did he regularly come into our bed. The good news is, they do fade and better sleep does come. That is...until they start walking!

Blogger Beth said...

THANK you for this post - I totally thought I was crazy too. This is a real thing huh? I need to do some more reading!


Blogger Tammie said...

I had those dreams for a long time myself. Of course, I know that I am not just crazy but certifiably crazy. ;-)

Erin is allowed to fall asleep in our bed Friday & Saturday nights. She also can be coerced into napping with me during the day on Saturdays - although I do take longer naps.

While she has never once fallen out of our bed (a king size bed which is high off the floor), she has fallen out of her own twin bed once or twice. She wakes up, screams for us & then yells "I fell out of bed & went boom!"

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