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Sunday, September 09, 2007
More Firsts
It's been awhile since I noted new things Sera is doing. She's added up, down, go, and more to her vocabulary. Of course, I don't think anyone but Jim or I could tell. She's working on shoe, too.

She's trying to dress herself and us. In particular, she's trying to put on her shoes and socks. Yesterday, she tried to help Jim put his socks on, and today she put my slippers on my feet. She's now wrapping her doll up in a blanket and carrying her around. I guess her baby is cold. She's named her second doll, Nana. Right now she has top billing, but Mei Mei is still the one to go to school with her. Unfortunately she'll be going pants-less tomorrow. Sera likes to take Mei Mei's pants off, and I couldn't find them tonight.

She's brushing her own hair, and mine. She walks all over the place now. We get to my school very early in the morning. My office is on the second floor and on the opposite end of the daycare. She walks all the way down the hall to my classroom, which is near the stairs to the daycare, where we drop off whatever I need to drop off. She then closes my door and walks to the stairs where she raises her arms for me to carry her. As soon as we hit the bottom stair, she's squirming to get down. She then walks the rest of the way to daycare. As soon as we're in the door, she wants me to pick her back up as she knows I'm about to leave. She doesn't cry when I leave anymore. She waves good-bye instead. On lucky days, she'll blow me a kiss, too. The greeting I get when I pick her up is priceless. So far I've failed to get it on film, but I'll keep trying.

She's still hot and heavy with the veggies. She likes tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, green beans, peas, carrots, and corn. She does not like yellow squash...yet.

I bring a sippy cup with strawberry milk to work with us. She drinks it in the car on the way home. On Friday, we were out of strawberry milk, so I just took regular. She was not happy that afternoon and made it quite clear that it's supposed to be strawberry. She drinks regular milk the rest of the time, but that servings must be strawberry. Daddy felt so bad because he had finished the strawberry milk the night before that he stopped on the way home and bought some. She was so happy she actually cackled as he poured out the regular milk and filled it with pink milk. By the way, strawberry milk is just awful.

More next time...



I am glad to hear things are going well on the daycare front. I bet Daddy has learned not to mess with the routine! Next time I am sure he won't drink the last of the Strawberry Milk. Funny!

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