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Sunday, July 29, 2007
Vacation Recap, Part Two

Sera's first time in a pool. She wasn't sure about it for about 30 seconds. Then she decided it was okay.

It's exhausting being this cute.

Time to pile on the oldest cousin.

Grandma with her girls.

The dark clouds came in, so everyone came to the condo. Sera thought it was lots of fun!

Just cuteness. Virginia, Pete, and Josie.

Here, you take Mei Mei, and I'll sit on your leg.

Virginia, Brantley, and Sera. Sera decided Brantley's lap was a good resting spot. She stopped every time she ran past him.

Ben taking Josie on a motorcycle ride, or was it a Jet Ski?

Bret and Josie playing ball and making faces.



Blogger C.J. said...

GREAT photos!

You made the right choice...the laundry will keep.

Thanks for sharing these and I hope you don't have a stinkeroo diaper for a while ;0)

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