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Sunday, July 29, 2007
Vacation Recap
Sera and I left on a Tuesday morning and headed for Atlanta to my sister's house. Marcia and her husband, Derek, have two boys who are 4 and 6. They just sent in their LOI to adopt their daughter, Ava. Ava is three years old and currently living in China. She is adorable. The 12-hour drive took us 15 hours, so we arrived much later than expected.

The next day we hadn't planned anything big because it was mainly a day to give Sera a break from the car. We made arrangements to meet Shana and her daughter, Hattie, from our travel group for a late lunch. My sister lives south of Atlanta and Shana lives north. We headed her way because we needed to pick up the car my sister had just bought on our way to lunch. The dealership must have thought they were going to be paid by the minute. What should have been a 15-20 minute process took about two hours. Poor Shana and Hattie hung in there and waited for us at the restaurant. We finally got there and enjoyed our visit. Marcia and I ended up splitting an appetizer even though we were starving because we were going to have dinner with her good friends and neighbors. Their file was logged in to China in 1/06, so they're still waiting. It was wonderful to meet them, and I think they enjoyed meeting Sera. It's just nice to see there is a child in the end when you are stuck waiting.

On Thursday, we headed south to Gulf Shores. Our sister, Kati, lives in Mobile with her family. Our sister, Jessica and her family just moved to Austin, TX from the San Francisco area. Jessica and her daughter, Josie also arrived on Thursday. Marcia's two boys were already in GS as they had come down the week before with her in-laws. They joined us when we arrived. We had three adults and four children in a two-bedroom condo. Sera and I had one bedroom. Jessica and Josie had the other bedroom. Marcia, Ben, and Pete shared the sofa bed...to the boys' delight and to Marcia's aching back.

On Friday we hit the outlet mall. Kati and her daughter, Virginia met us there. On Saturday morning, Marcia took her son, Ben, on a promised parasailing adventure. It was a first for both. We then headed out to our dad's new bay house. Kati and her family have had a bay house for a few years. Our dad bought the lot next door and built a gorgeous bay house. Between the two houses, we'll easily fit all four daughters, our husbands and children for future family vacations. We all love it there. We spent Saturday afternoon, night and most of Sunday there.

I forgot my camera on our first day at the dock. Kati took a bunch of pictures that day and will email some to me.

We started each morning in my bed. It started our first morning in the condo. Sera always woke first. I snuck out to the kitchen to make her bottle and found my nephew, Pete, awake. I invited him to join us. As everyone woke up, they made there way in. Breakfast was dry cereal in bowls for everyone with sippy cups filled with chocolate milk. Some of us had coffee instead. We watched Playhouse Disney, played, and caught up.

Sera and Josie getting to know each other as we packed to spend the night at the bay.

A proud granddaddy with his girls. We bought those matching outfits the day before at Gymboree at the outlet mall.

Getting a good shot with seven children is a challenge. Grandddaddy with all the grandkids.

Ben, Virginia, and Pete enjoying the hammock on the dock.

Silly faces.

Sera, aka Superbaby, and her cousin, Bret. Bret was amazing with the babies.

Pete and Virginia keeping an eye on Sera.



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