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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Vacation Underway
This is husband Jim reporting for Magi. She and Sera arrived safely in Atlanta and everything is great. Sera didn't sleep much on the way down (until it got dark) and had a rough first night, but she is doing wonderfully. Magi hopes to be able to blog again soon!


Blogger Lily Kate's Mom said...

Just wanted to say that it was wonderful to meet Magi and Sera in person last night! Sera is a sweet, happy baby (even when she's tired) and we really enjoyed spending time with you all.

Have fun at the beach with the family.


Blogger Tammie said...

Thanks for letting us know that Magi & Sera reached their final destination safely.

Looking forward to hearing more about "The Adventures of Magi & Sera."

Blogger Kiy said...

Thanks Jim, much appreciated. Didn't realize that I lived for a daily Magi fix until she left. Okay, who am I kidding ... a daily Sera fix (not that Magi isn't the cat's pajama's too, but ...!). Pictures, we need pictures of that little cutie. Words are optional, for now. :)

Cheers, thanks for holding down the fort, and letting your ladies head out for some family time. My DH has had to do that a time or two, and I always feel bad for him. Know it must be hard on you. So, until Magi and Sera can do it properly ... {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}.


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