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Sunday, July 29, 2007
Welcome Home!
Where to begin?

I think I'll begin with the end. Yesterday morning, I woke bright and early. I jumped in the shower and dressed for the day. While I was dressing, Jim got his shower. Then I headed to the nursery to wake Sera. I was slightly surprised that she wasn't awake, but she'd had a difficult night. She cried out several times in her sleep. Each time was just for a second before rolling over and "plugging in".

When I walked in to the nursery, I was hit with the most noxious order. She had on one super stinky diaper. She's normally pretty chipper in the morning, but she was whiny and clingy. I brought her into our room and offered her a bottle, which she refused. She just clung to me with her thumb in her mouth and closed her eyes. Jim and I debated whether or not she was feverish. I thought slightly. He thought not at all. We took her temp and it agreed with Jim. We were dressed and had a bag packed for the day. The reunion picnic was 2 1/2 hours away. If she was just tired, she could sleep on the way there. If she was sick, we didn't want to torture her by going. We just couldn't decide which she was. We finally decided to head out with the thought we could turn back. I got our things together. We both took one more look at Sera, looked at each other, and decided to stay home. It was the right decision.

Sera spent most of the day, until mid afternoon, on my lap cuddling with me on the couch. She slept for a lot of that time, too. Finally, she got down and started to play for a little while. She went to bed just a little late and everything seemed to be back on track. I stayed up way too late catching up on bloglines. Just as I decided to turn in for the night at midnight, I heard her screaming. I sat in the rocker with her until 3:30 am. Everytime I moved, she'd start to scream and clutch me. She thought I was going to put her down. Finally, at 3:30am, she let me put her back to bed. She woke up this morning back to her normal, cheerful self. Jim took pity on me and took her out this afternoon for a few hours at our local zoo. After driving 14 hours home and then taking care of a sick baby, mom was/is exhausted, plus I still have tons of vacation laundry to catch up.

Instead of doing that laundry though, I got some photos ready to post.



Blogger Tammie said...

It sounds like Sweet Sera just needed some down time with her mommy & daddy. After a week of vacation, she probably needed to have you all to herself. I'm glad to hear she's back to normal. Of course, I'm sure that a day with Daddy at the zoo was the perfect day for her!

Anonymous Sandra said...

Welcome home! Glad to hear Sera is back to normal. Looking forward to seeing some pictures :-)

Glad your vaction was so much fun. It is go great to see family.

Sorry you didn't make it to the picnic. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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