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Friday, July 13, 2007
A Trip to the Mall
Sera and I will be heading out next week on a road trip. In preparation, we had to take the car in to the shop. Just standard maintenance stuff, but we wanted to make sure it was done before we ventured out. The dealership told us to have the car in by 1:00pm, and they'd be done by 3:00pm. This was new as we usually have to have the car there by 7:30am.

When Jim got home from work he switched the car seat to the Tracker, and we headed out. Jim opened up the top of the Tracker, so Sera got hr first taste of being in a semi-convertible (he didn't remove the top entirely). She loved it. The Tracker is really a one person car. It's a '92 with only one working seatbelt in the front. Luckily, the back ones are fine or we wouldn't have taken Sera in it at all. We kept our running around to a minimum. First, a quick lunch, then a stop at a frame shop to drop off a picture, and finally, off to the mall.

We're not mall people. I've taken Sera there once before. We exchanged an outfit she'd received as a gift and looked for the play area. We didn't find the play area as it was no longer in the middle of the mall. Our mall was, basically, T-shaped, with four main anchor stores. Two of the anchor stores were purchased by the same parent company. They kept one and closed the other. That part of the mall has been demolished and they're building an outdoor plaza area with additional shops. Why outdoor malls and strip malls are replacing the indoor malls in an area that has severe winter weather is a mystery to me, but it's also an entire rant of its own. Anyway, I didn't find the play area because it's located in the section of the mall where the old demolished anchor store used to be. I didn't even go down that section because I didn't think there would be anything but construction going on. I was wrong.

When we got to the mall, Jim headed one way to take care of his to-do list. I didn't even want to be tempted to shop. Gymboree, The Children's Play, and Gap Kids were calling my name, but Sera really doesn't need any clothes right now. Not that I let that stop me when I see a good sale. So I didn't go in the stores to see them. Instead I went in search of the play area.

It is so cool. It's totally enclosed with only one entrance, so you see who's coming and going quite clearly. It's designed for younger children, but it's fun for kids up to around 7 or 8. One end has bookshelves filled with books and child-height bench seating. Adult bench seating surrounds the entire area. Next to the book section is a changing table with a diaper disposal and wipes available. It's set up so you have a little privacy while changing. There are big stationary things to climb aboard: a rocket, a cow jumping over the moon, and a car. There is a large Disney-style mirror mounted on the floor. In the center is a play house area. You enter it through a tube, or one of two child-sized door cut-outs. The fourth wall has a small slide to exit by.

Sera and I were the only ones there when we first found it. She stood in front of the mirror for a few minutes, but was a little intimidated by everything else. She wouldn't get in or on anything. About ten minutes after we got there, we were invaded by about a dozen more children and their respective parents. All the kids behaved well, but there was lots of running and screaming and having fun. Sera started walking all around. She loved watching all the children. She even went up to one little girl, about her age, and said hi. She would walk away from me, check that I was still there, walk a little further, and then run back to me, laughing the whole way. She kept going to the doorway of the play house and peeking in. She had just gotten the courage to go all the way inside when it was time for us to go. The dealership called and the car was ready - on time. Can you believe it? I think we'll have to squeeze in a few more mall trips before school begins again.

Here are some pictures from our day. And, by the way, if anyone has any ideas on how to entertain a 15-month-old on a 12-hour drive, please let me know.

Jim took these of Sera while I ran into the store.

Checking out her reflection on the side of the play house

Who is that cute girl who follows me everywhere?

Get yourself to the Disney Store! They're having a huge sale, 50% off already marked down items. This Mulan was orignally $14.99. We got it for $6.99. It was not part of the 50% off sale, but it's a Mulan plush!



Hey Maggie,

i thought I'd take a peek at how ya'll are doing. Sera is as darling as ever!

Thanks for the tip on the Mulan doll. Happy weekend!


Blogger Kiy & Jeff said...

Magi, wish I had some ideas for you on the trip. I love road trips (dh hates them!). Sera probably isn't into dvd's yet, which was my first thought. Maybe pick up some cd's/cassettes that are kid friendly (maybe your library has a section?). Other than that, I am out of ideas. Sing lots of songs, really loud! :)

Cheers, Kiy

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