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Sunday, July 29, 2007
Vacation Recap, Part Three
Sera and Brantley

Pete and Josie

Sera and Aunt Marcia waiting for our table

Aunt Jessica and Josie

Pete and Ben
It seemed like I took so many pictures, but then I got home and saw how many I didn't have. I don't have Sera with most of the adults. I wanted to get pictures of Sera's and Josie's hands side-by-side. It was too funny because Josie's hands and feet dwarfed Sera's. Jim was upset that I didn't get pictures of my dad's new house because he hasn't seen it. I need to work on my photography.
Sera and I had a wonderful trip. She did so well. She is such a laid-back, easygoing child. She took the long car rides, all the new faces, and three different new places to sleep in stride. There is no denying, however, how excited she was to get home and see her daddy.



Blogger Jeter's Mama said...

looks like you had a great time!

Hi Magi...We have a connection to GS too...well, close by. My in-laws have a house in Lillian, about 10-15 miles east of there. When we go to Gulf Shores, we always grab a sandwich from the Pink Pony Pub one day. And I know which outlet mall you're talking about...Foley, right?!?!?


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