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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Early Bird
When Jim came home on Monday night, he hustled us into the car and took us shopping. My first Mother's Day came early as Jim bought this for me. Jim's camera is great. In fact, it's wonderful, but it looks like this.

It takes fantastic pictures, but by the time I get it out of the case, make sure the correct lense is on, remove the lens cover, and turn it on, the picture moment has passed. Jim likes to check out my blog posts to see pictures of what we're doing while he's at work. This should make it a lot easier.

Yesterday, we had another play date with our play group. Laura and Kyra joined us this week as Laura had the day off. Daddy joined us too and after a quick nap, we ran a bunch of errands. We talked to the doctor and got the rest of Sera's test results. All are good. She's showing imunizations to everything she should. Her levels were all good and the stool sample came back normal. We go back for her 15-month checkup. After a few more stops, we ended our errands by visiting Borders and hanging out for a bit.

Sera had another first yesterday. For dinner she ate 3/4 of a jar of spaghetti, 1/2 oz of cheddar cheese, and 3/4 of a jar of diced peaches, and she drank milk from her sippy cup. I really don't think we'll be doing baby food for long. She wants what we're eating, and with some minor adaptations, she can eat what we're eating or slight variations thereof. Oh, and the doctor gave the okay on peanut butter. We told her about the "incident."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Magi and Sera

Kyra and I had so much fun yesterday. Everyone was so nice... I really enjoyed getting to talk to everyone and share in their excitment on getting their referrals, hearing their wonderful stories, and meeting their beautiful children.. Thanks again for inviting us. I wish I could be off every Tuesday!


Perfect Mother's Day gift... Way to go big daddy!!


Anonymous Sandra said...

Nice gift! I am a Nikon girl, but that is also a great camera! As far as hanging out at Borders, one of my favorite things to do!

Blogger Tammie said...

So which camera did Jim get you? I love my new Canon Powershot SD1000. David bought it for me days after Erin dropped my SD600 & broke the display. Great job on the gift Jim!

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