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Sunday, March 25, 2007
Guinea Pig
Yep, you're the guinea pig. Or is it me?

I practiced with the video camera this morning. Please forgive the very rushed job and the really bad editing. YouTube would not take a file over 100 mb. My video was 175 mb. I didn't have time to reshoot or make the edits pretty.

Here's the video version of the nursery tour. I'll add some stills later. Time is getting shorter and shorter. Must run!!!

UPDATE: Okay, now that I've gone through this once, I have questions. First, let me apologize again for the choppy editing. It was baaaad. I had to do this because YouTube wouldn't let me load more than 100 mb. That was less than two minutes of video. That just isn't going to work if we want to upload the video when we meet Sera. Any suggestions or advice from those of you who've BTDT?

Also, we've returned from today's errands. The part no one tells you about in the adoption budget is that you will make a gazillion runs to Target, drug store, electronics store, etc... and that none will be less than $100, if you're lucky, more will be over $200. The funny part is that we don't even care because it is just days before we'll hold Sera.

And I remembered to get this t-shirt this time.



Blogger Colleen said...

Daggit - the video froze on me! But from what I can tell it is sooo pretty. I LOVE the color of the walls!!!

YAY on the t-shirt. Good girl for remembering. I have to try and watch the video again.

Blogger Colleen said...

OK - got it all this time. I think it came out good!! Love Shadow in the background!!

LOVE the room!!

Blogger Stacy said...

I think the video looks great. I just love the murals on the walls. It is such a happy room!!

Blogger Jan B said...

I love the room too! Here are my suggestions, check and see if your camera has a high resolution/low resolution setting. Set it on low res. and see if that helps.

Secondly, you a outlet safety plug in that outlet near the window, LOL, I must have 400 of them! The little buggers drive me nuts but yesterday I caught Rachel walking around with a flat head screwdriver. Maybe I should keep the tools out of her reach.

One more thing is those cords for the blinds should be tied up too, for safety. I am big on safety here, can you tell?

I love the purple walls and the art work.

Anonymous Sandra said...

I LOVE the room and I am glad you got Sera a t-shirt. It is a must have, as far as I am concerned!

Blogger Dannye said...

I love the room!! the colors are great and the muriel is sooo neat, what a blessing to have such talented sisters to do that for you!!

Such a cute room!! And yes, very talented sisters!! Love all the purple!
As for the video, I think you did a good job! Esp since it was your first go at it!

Yay for you,Mom!

Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

What beautiful murals on the walls! I love this room!

Thanks for sharing. :)

Blogger Barb said...

Well, how sweet was that, to hear your voice and see your dog? LOL This was a great little video, Magi.

Your previous post made me very, very tired. My word, so many details. And those last minute trips that are adding up so fast, money wise, aren't surprising at all.

But looking at this video, I'd say you two are ready. All you need to complete this beautiful room is Sera!

Have a wonderful, exciting trip.

Blogger Marcia said...

So good to see the room...it looks awesome! You leave TOMORROW!!!!!!! Yipee!!!!

Blogger C.J. said...

Beautiful room! I love that your sis's all worked on it :0)

The colors are fabulous and I can't wait to see video of Ms. Sera IN that room ;0)

Blogger Jacquie said...

I swear Magi, you have the sweetest voice!

See ya in a few days!

Anonymous Erin said...

Thanks for the tour. Such a cute mural--looks adorable!

Happy and safe travel to you. Can't wait to see pictures of you finally holding Sera.

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