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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Are We Having Fun Yet?

We're 2/5 of the way through crazy week. Ask any teacher, the week before Christmas break is a nightmare. What you may not realize is that students lose their brains during Thanksgiving vacation. It makes for a rocky time for a few weeks, but the real kicker is the last week before break. The break hasn't started, but trust me...no one is home. What do I do to keep my classes going? I going with the well-accepted standard, bribery.

On Monday, I announced to my classes what they had to accomplish before break. If 90% of them get the work done by Thursday, then Friday we'll have a Christmas party. If they don't, then on Friday they have to work. The dvd is ordered. I don't think they'll like it so I may show How The Grinch Stole Christmas instead. We can only show movies that the school owns. All the good ones were already taken, but I own a copy of this one. I can show my copy if the school owns one. And I've got snacks planned. We'll see how many parties I will be hosting that day.

I've been a blog slacker lately, too. I've had thoughts in my head to write about, but not the time. We were out doing some Christmas shopping last night for our office gifts. Tonight, I'm supposed to be making my gifts in a jar. Haven't made much progress yet. I think I'm procrastinating. I did finish my big project over the weekend that I alluded to earlier. I'll tell you about it next week. I promise.


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