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Friday, November 17, 2006
In Memory of Barbara Jamie Bearden Kilpatrick
I didn't know her, but her death has touched me. On several recent posts, I recommended everyone go to Atomictumor and read her husband's blog. It was incredibly moving to share his thoughts as he went through two weeks of hell. Two weeks of seeing his young, healthy wife fall mysteriously ill and then go through a myriad of surgeries and tests as they tried to determine what was happening.

The last few days of posts were so positive as she seemed to be getting better. While still unconscious, her stats were improving and she was becoming more responsive. Last night, she suffered a stroke that damaged her brain stem. Around 12:30 today, she died.

Her husband, known as AT, is continuing his blog as this is how he is processing her loss. His love for her and their two young sons is so clear.

The lesson this young woman leaves to all of us is how short and precious life truly is. We can't afford to waste a minute.

May she rest in peace, and may her husband and sons find strength in her memory.


Blogger Pamela said...

How very tragic! My heart just bleed for him and his family. I did go over and read his blog and it didn't seem that urgent. However a stroke can attack any of us at anytime. My prayers will be with the family, as she is in the hands of our dear Lord. :)

Blogger Kate said...

Just so intense because of the coulda-been-me factor. Such a sad day.

Blogger Michelle said...

Oh my, what a sad story :( I'm going over there to offer my condolences.

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