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Monday, October 09, 2006
Product Review - Cascade 2in1 ActionPacs

I recently read a product review on several blogs about Cascade 2in1 ActionPacs. I was impressed by what these women had to say and left a comment to that effect. I was then contacted and offered a sample to review.

I have to admit that I've very impressed. As there are just two of us, it sometimes takes a few days to fill up the dishwasher enough to run it. Like most households, I much more concerned about rinsing my dish than my husband, so some of those dishes were mighty crusty. The day the Cascade arrived, I popped one in and ran the dishwasher. Wow! It did a great job. My glasses actually sparkled. We have a hard water problem that will often leave the glasses spotty even with a rinse agent. These glasses were spot-free.

I have nothing to gain by telling you my experience with this product, but since I was impressed I wanted to share it with you.


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