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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Oh, No, It's a Dress Code!
Working in a public high school affords me the unusual opportunity to see upclose and personally what teens consider high fashion. It is sometimes shocking, and I'm not easily shocked. I grew up on beaches; bathing suits, shorts, and t-shirts were our standard uniform, yet something's changed. It seems that clothes are more highly sexualized than ever.

What an adult chooses to do or wear is their business, but it is unsettling to see young girls dressed with clothing that is revealing, flashy, or with suggestive slogans plastered on their t-shirts and butts. A 5-year-old should not wear a shirt that says "Bite Me" or have the word Juicy on their butt. At least, not in my opinion.

Normally, this isn't a subject that I would blog about because I don't believe that anyone really cares about my opinion on what their child wears. I am doing it this time because I do believe in marketing techniques and economics. It has come to my attention that the "mom blogs" have become a place of interest for retailers trying to determine what moms are buying. Jules at Everyday Mommy has started an online petition hoping to get their attention and let them know there is a market for fun, fresh, cute clothing for girls that is still modest. In fact, one of my favorite stores is full of them. If adding my voice to this cause helps retailers increase their stock in fun and leave the the flirty to the girls over 18, then I'll let it ring. Our girls don't have to dress like Laura Ingalls Wilder, but they certainly don't need to dress like Brittney Spears either.


Anonymous Ashleigh said...

I agree with you. What is sad is that it's no longer starting in high school, but in grade school. My daughter has a required uniform, but the Pre-K children that go to her school do not have uniforms. In dropping my daughter off one morning, I watched a little girl walking in with "Brat" on her little bum, and another little one with a little pink t-shirt that said "I want it, you get it for me". I know this is not so much about modesty but more about what are we teaching our kids, daughters especially! That it is ok to grow up having everything handed to you on a silver platter is to be expected? And we wonder then at 16 how these monsters took over our sweet children's bodies. Truth is we created them!

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