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Saturday, February 20, 2010
Understudy in the Audience
The high school where I work is performing their Spring (?) musical this weekend.  It's Beauty and the Beast. I waited until Thursday night to let Sera know that we were going to see it on Friday.  She was very excited and asked to wear her Belle dress.

Needless to say, Sera loved it.  She especially enjoyed meeting the actors afterward.  She was shy at first, but soon got into it.  If I had been seconds faster taking this picture, you would have seen the biggest smile.  She was practically speechless when she met Belle.

Sera's best buddy, Lily, and her mom met us there.  Lily wore her best Snow White dress.  You can imagine the reactions they got from the crowd.  I think they stole the show.

And, no, this was not the Lone Ranger version of Belle.  Since she's a student at my school, I thought it prudent to mask her. Between that and the Belle wig, she's pretty much disguised.

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