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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Flying While Fat
The biggest story the last few days has been about Kevin Smith's (director/writer/actor) experience with Southwest Airline and their size policy.

In a nutshell, he was flying a one-hour flight home from a convention.  He'd purchased two seats round-trip because he can afford it, and he wanted more personal space.  He arrived at the airport early and went standby on an earlier flight.  He was the last person seated. Within moments, the same person who had just called him to be seated came and told him that he had to leave the plane because he was too large for his seat. He showed the agent that he fit the criteria.  He was able to buckle his belt, without an extender, and had the armrests down. The agent insisted he deplane.

In a phone conversation with a Southwest corporate employee, she admitted that he had been chosen because he was the last passenger and not because of his size, but they've refused to admit that publicly.

You'll see countless stories out there making fun of "fat" Kevin Smith.  If you read the comments, you'll find some horrific statements by typical internet trolls.

For a different perspective, read this story.



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