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Sunday, February 21, 2010
Five, Schmive
Sera got one of those 20 piece puzzles for Christmas.  The pieces were still on the larger size and it was recommended for ages 3 & up.  She and I put it together one time.  After that, she would pull it out and put it together over and over again.  She's been asking for more puzzles, so the other day we picked out this one.  It's 100 pieces for 5 & up.  As you can see, it didn't take her too long to knock it out.  When I opened it and saw it was regular puzzle pieces and no longer the special toddler type, I was a little concerned.  That went away when she had two pieces together within seconds.

Now she didn't do the whole thing alone.  Jim and I both worked on it at different times with her, but she did the majority of it herself.

Jim isn't a big fan of puzzles, but I have fond memories of hours spent with my mom and my sisters working on huge puzzles.  In fact, we rarely ate dinner at the table because it usually had a puzzle on it. I look forward to spending many hours over the years working on puzzles with Sera.



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