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Monday, March 30, 2009
You Say Jump; I Say Bounce
What a week. It started with an ultrasound, developed into a stomach bug, and then culminated in a fried hard drive. My laptop is now in the computer hospital getting fixed up. Jim delivered it and our external hard drive yesterday. They're replacing my hard drive and reinstalling everything. Cross your fingers!

I have burned copies of all our photos, plus have them backed up on the external HD, and have an additional copy of them saved on the external HD. I should be covered.

On Saturday morning, Sera and I had a mommy/daughter day. Jim had headed off to Cabela's with some friends, so we were on our own. I was a little cabin feverish, so we jumped in the car and headed off to Once Upon a Child to window shop. I realized that I had never taken Sera clothes shopping. I usually left her home with Jim and would do it myself. Since we had no agenda, we just wandered all around the shop. She was not impressed with the clothes. She was, however, totally smitten (as was I) with an adorable wooden doll/puzzle. It's a wooden ballerina with lots of clothes, shoes, and hairpieces that stay on with magnets. Sera will look through all the clothes, but she always ends up wearing the purple tutu with its matching tiara.

From there, we headed down to TJ Maxx. This is where my little fashion diva emerged. I would hold out a dress and she would exclaim how beautiful it was. Within minutes, she was searching through the racks and copying me by saying what do you think of this, mommy? They had some adorable dresses that came with a matching doll-sized version. I found two, and Sera found one. I let her pick which one she wanted, and she picked the one she found. She was ready to give back everything to get the next dress she found. She literally gasped and pulled at it on the rack. It's pink and actually made from t-shirt material, but the skirt is overlayed with tulle. The tulle also has sparkly rhinestones glued all over. It comes with a pink satin sash and has an embroidered cake on the bodice with the words birthday girl below. Of course, I had to get it for her. She's totally in love with it. Luckily her birthday is coming up, but it doesn't matter. I have a feeling she'll be wearing that dress often.

Yesterday was more of a stay at home day. Sera would alternate between cuddling with me on the couch to bouts of frenetic play. During one of those, she started jumping on the couch. When I reminded her that we don't allow jumping on the couch, she told me that she wasn't jumping, she was bouncing. I did not expect to play the semantics game so soon. That stinker!

I bet you wondering what that picture on the top of this post is about. For at least 18 months, I have been meaning to post this as my tip for Works For Me Wednesday. I never do, so I'm just posting it on my own. When Sera finally had enough hair to start using bows, I needed some way to organize them. I bought this small plastic box in the fishing supplies aisle at Wal-mart. It came with removable inserts. I didn't use the vertical ones, just the horizontal to create rows. In the first row, I keep all the elastics and her comb. In the other three, I put her small bows and barrettes. Marcia made her an adorable bow holder for larger bows. What I like about my box is I can grab it and fix Sera's hair anywhere. Everything I need is inside. It's great for travelling, too.



Blogger Wendi said...

Kids are so smart!! I had to laugh about the bouncing.

Blogger Kiy said...

I too loved the bounce/jump - yikes! The clothes shopping scares me. I already go a bit (a bit? hahaha) crazy, the last thing we need is for Miss Emi to join in. Love the hair do-dads holder, great tip! I need something as even though Emi is not too fond of wearing them, she loves to play with them. What a mess. I love that you have something that not only organizes but can close!

Cheers, Kiy

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