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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
I started my day annoyed by a news story, and now I end my day annoyed by another. Reading through the comments on this story just depressed me terribly. It's not news the low opinion so many have about teachers, but it's still depressing.



Blogger Jim McClain said...

Make sure you read through the comments for real teacher hatred.

Blogger Kiy said...

I have to admit I started reading through the comments, and had to stop. Whoa, a lot of people have it in for teachers! I seriously had no idea. Frankly, there isn't enough money in the world to entice me to be a teacher and those (you two!) who teach at the HS level, serous Sainthood. I remember life in HS, yikes.

Teachers work too many hours, are not paid enough and (obviously) are not held in high enough regard. Sad how high on a pedestal we put a guy on that can't write his own name or read his contract, but can throw the perfect spiral or hit a home run.

Just know, many of us do NOT feel the way those spouting off over there feel.


Blogger carosgram said...

My whole career has been in education and I know how little respect and honor teachers receive. However, in a time when people are losing jobs, housing, health insureance and hopes of a good retirement there is a lot of anger out there. People who have guaranteed retirement plans, good health care through their employers and virtual job security are going to have some of that anger directed towards them. Fair or not even people who made much more annually than a teacher who are now out of a job are resentful and jealous that their taxes are paying for the teacher who is still working. And by the by, most people work many more hours a week than teachers do even when you add in all the work they do at home. Remember that Walmart used to make their clerks work "off the clock' so they didn't even get paid for their extra hours. They did it to keep their jobs. In times like today keeping your job assumes top priority.

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