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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Give Me a Break!
I don't know about your morning news routine, but there's one story I've now seen from four different sources, and it's not even 8:00 am yet.

Apparently, Meghan McCain was on The View yesterday and responded to criticism from radio personality, Laura Ingraham. Ms. Ingraham apparently referred to Ms. McCain as a plus-sized model among other "insults."

In one of the stories I read they referred to Miss McCain as big-boned. Now to be perfectly honest, I didn't recall Meghan McCain as being on the big side, but then I can't say that I recall exactly how she looks at all.

The fact that her size is even being addressed when discussing her position as an online political writer is bad enough, but you want to know what made it worse?

This quote:

McCain added that she maintains a healthy lifestyle – but doesn’t think about the scale. "I mean, I work out at a gym, I try to eat healthy but you know I'm still a size 8,” she said...

Bad enough that she felt the need to justify her lifestyle, but we're talking about a woman who is a size 8. A woman who just apologized for being an 8?

If you don't think she sounds apologetic, let me pull part of that quote out

I work out at a gym, I try to eat healthy but you know I'm still a size 8


She's a political writer. Why do we care about her size? How in the world did a size 8 become the butt of fat jokes? Has the world gone insane? Do we want a world populated with lollipops? Do we want our daughters to think their only value is in being able to wear a size 0?

Okay, I need to rephrase that. Calling someone a lollipop is just as insulting, but I get so irritated. Granted I've never been small, but I know that my own body distortion is one of the major reasons for my weight. The need to fit the media-dictated idea of the perfect body was bad enough when I was growing up, but it's so much worse now.

There is nothing wrong with having a healthy and strong body. That should be our criteria, not the size in the dress label. Some women are healthy and strong at a size 0, but so are many at size 16. As mothers, especially as mothers of daughters, we must raise our girls to be proud of who they are mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Every morning after I comb Sera's hair, I have her turn around and look at me. I always tell her she's beautiful and give her a kiss. In return, I get the best smile. I want to teach her to see the beauty in all people and in the mirror. I also tell her she's smart and funny and kind, but there's nothing wrong in feeling beautiful, too.



Blogger Pug Mama said...

No, no, no. She was not apologetic at all. That must have been taken out of context.
She was pi$$ed. And rightly so. She said "in 2009 there is no place for weight issues" she also said that weight should NEVER be an issue in politics.
She also said on the view "kiss my fat A$$"
You better believe - she was one Pi$$ed off lady!

Blogger Sandra said...

I totally agree, Magi! Well said.

from one lurker to another... I totally agree with this post. !!!

Blogger Kiy said...

Great great post Magi. I would be interested in seeing/reading the whole thing - not that I doubt you or Pug Mama, just curious. But regardless, the post was spot-on. We need (NEED!) to be teaching our daughters to have a healthy self-image, whatever their image is! I also know that some (not all) of my problem was media-driven. Only the size 0-2's where beautiful. And sadly, that really hasn't changed all that much.


Blogger Magi said...

I don't doubt that Pug Mama is right. I just read the quote in an article where it sounds like she actually saw it. I'm glad she was mad, she should be!

Blogger Tammie said...

I don't really care if either you or Pug Mama is right about the quote. What I do care about is the fact that we're living in a society where a size 8 is "big."

I think that you're going about things the right way with Sera. David & I are working hard to teach Erin that it is what is inside that counts.

Hopefully we'll all succeed.

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