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Monday, March 02, 2009
Large and in Charge
Sera woke up this morning ready to tackle the world!

She's generally not at her best in the morning. Sera is a slow riser. She wakes up happy, but she likes to slowly move into her day, and the slightest thing can set off whining and/or tears. Now the morning wasn't completely tearless. We did have the wipeout in the bathroom when Sera forgot she had tights on and not socks. Her socks all have that little grippy thing on the bottom. One minute she was walking past me as I rinsed off her toothbrush, the next she was flat on her back looking at the ceiling. She recovered quickly though.

Once we get downstairs, Sera watches the end of Elmo's World and Angelina Ballerina as I pack up my breakfast and lunch and gather my things for the car. I bring her the day's requested snack. She has chosen a cereal bar. While she's eating, I put on her shoes and have her stand in front of me to put her hair in pigtails. Shadow is being extra annoying this morning. He keeps trying to get inbetween us as I comb Sera's hair. Finally, I finished Sera's hair and sat back. Sera was still standing in front of me completely engrossed with Angelina's antics when Shadow bumped her from behind sending the last third of her cereal bar flying. With a quick lunge, Shadow had his prize, and Sera was left standing empty-handed. Most morning, this would have instigated meltdown #2 for the day. Instead she looked at me and asked for another. From the kitchen, I heard her say, "Shadow, you no eat my cereal bar. Okay?" I peeked to see my under 30# daughter with her hand on her hip and her finger waggling in the 100# dog's face telling him off. She's got moxie!

Sera loves her daycare, but that doesn't mean that drop offs are easy. She rarely cries, but she does cling and keep asking for one more hug and kiss. Usually whoever is working in the room has to come take her for us to leave. Part of our ritual involves her grabbing my leg and telling her friend that I'm her mommy. She and this friend have a love/hate thing going on, and one of the things her friend does to upset Sera is say my mommy when she sees me, even if her own mommy is right there. This flips Sera out, and I usually have to console her and tell her that yes I am her mommy.

Today, her friend had arrived shortly before we had, but was still in the lobby with her mommy. We passed them on our way to Sera's room to drop off her things before going to the morning play room. As we got to the door, the friend came running past us and into the room. Sera grabbed my leg as usual and said my mommy. I asked for hugs and kisses. She reached up as I picked her up, gave me a quick hug and kiss, and then dropped to the ground and ran after her friend into the room. The morning teacher and I looked at each other in surprise as she had been standing there to take Sera from me. When I turned to leave, I heard her praising Sera for being a big girl.

I walked to my car feeling proud that my little girl had finally, after almost two years, been able to easily separate from me when I dropped her off, and more than a little sad for the very same reason.



Blogger Sandra said...

A major milestone. Yeah for Sera!

Blogger Kiy said...

Oh wow. Yay Sera! But I hear ya on the little bit sad too.


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