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Saturday, March 07, 2009
Speaking of Milestones
Because aren't I always?

We're about have a big one, and Sera doesn't know yet. I'm leaving in the morning, very early in the morning. 6:00 AM, in fact.

I'm meeting five of my students at school at 6:30, and then we're heading south to the state capital, where they'll be competing at the state competition for Business Professionals of America. We'll be there all day Sunday and Monday and head home early Tuesday afternoon. I should be waiting at home when Jim and Sera come home from school. I'd go get her early, except we only have one carseat, and it will be in Jim's car while I'm gone.

Jim is an equal parent, so I don't have any worries about him being able to handle it. Sera will miss me, but daddy will keep her busy tomorrow. On Monday and Tuesday, she'll have her regular days at school.I did all the laundry. There's plenty to eat. In fact, Jim cooks more of our meals than I do, so they'll be fine.

I'm pretty sure that the only one who'll be freaking out over the next three days will be yours truly. This will be the first time since Sera was placed in our arms that she and I will be separated.

Every now and then I get a twinge of thinking that I might like having a break. That I might enjoy having a hotel room all to myself without a crackling monitor on my table. That taking some time to myself (and five teenagers) is a good thing.

Though you can't tell, I just took a break writing this post. In the meantime, Sera and I played, snuggled, and ate the dinner daddy made for us. I also told her that I was going to Indianapolis tomorrow. Since daddy was gone all day yesterday on a day trip, she knew that meant I was going bye-bye. She told me no that she wanted me to stay at home with her. We'll get her up in the morning to say goodbye, but I know that it won't really sink in for her until Monday morning when I'm still gone. Daddy will keep her very busy. Pinkalicious is her current favorite book. It begins on a rainy day that turns into a cupcake baking day. Today was a rainy day, and tomorrow is supposed to be as well. Daddy went out today and bought pink cake mix and pink frosting. They will be making pinkalicious cupcakes. She'll love it.

Can you tell I'm already having a hard time with this? Instead of luxuriating in a hotel room to myself, I think it's going to feel empty and quiet. Is it Tuesday night yet?



Blogger Tammie said...

You guys will do fine. Just remember that Jim is a great dad with a great daughter. It should help to know that when you get home it will be hugs, kisses & cuddles.

The only time I left Erin was when my grandfather died in 2004. It nearly killed me, & I haven't left her since. Then again, thankfully, I haven't had to.

I hope your time away is a success!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have had to leave Jane a few times overnight and can't bare to be away from her more than a few hours. Isn't love a tie that you can hardly describe?

Take care of yourself. Lucky you Jim is a good daddy!

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