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Saturday, December 06, 2008
Happy Birthday, Daddy!
Yesterday was Jim's birthday. After work, we headed out to dinner. After dinner, we went to Borders to hang out. A band was setting up to play later. We tried to stay for the show, but it was getting too late. Sera asked me what they were doing. I explained they were setting up their musical instruments because they were going to play music later. She then counted to five very loudly and began to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She definitely had everyone's attention. Some of the band members came over to talk to her, and the girls behind the cafe counter made a point to tell me how they enjoyed her show. I think Sera was auditioning to join the band.

Today, Jim headed out for a late lunch with some friends who wanted to take him out for his birthday. While he was gone, Sera and I made his birthday cupcakes. She was quite the sous chef.

She personally taste tested each cupcake by sticking her finger in the batter.

As you can see, they passed inspection.
Now how does this go? The frosting goes on the cupcake or in my mouth?

OH, the cupcake.

I've got it now.

You can never have too many sprinkles.

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Blogger Tammie said...

Happy Birthday to Jim!!!

I'm betting those were the bestest birthday cupcakes ever!!!

Blogger PIPO said...

Happy B-day to your man!

Gotta love any reason to make cupcakes :0)

Blogger Theresa said...

Wow!! Sera did an awesome job decorating those cupcakes! I bed Daddy was proud. :D

She's growing up to be so pretty!

Blogger Wendi said...

Looks like Sera had a blast!

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