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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mom's Night Out

I love it. It's one night a month, usually a Tuesday. It started as a splinter from the local China Adoption Yahoo group's weekly playdate. Actually, I started it while we were waiting for Sera. I wasn't part of the play group yet, but those were the ladies who responded to my post and showed up. The first night we had about five of us. We've had as many as ten at a time and as few as two, but we're still going strong after two years.

Last night, I had dinner with two of the China moms who've been part of the MNO group from day one, one who has joined us the last few times, and one who is brand new. What's exciting about the last two ladies is that they've adopted from Viet Nam and Guatamala. It's nice to expand our horizons and hear how their experiences were the same and differed from ours.

I'll admit that I have to drag myself most times. It never fails that the day our group is meeting will be a horrendous day at work. I'm usually tired and ready to stay home. Yesterday had the added bonus of an extended faculty meeting after school, drizzling rain, and temps in the low 30s. I did cancel the errands I was going to run before meeting for dinner, but I went to the dinner.

And, as usual, I'm so glad I went. I always feel revived and rejuvenated. Sitting for a few hours enjoying a nice meal and chatting with women who are going through the same experiences is just fun. We talked in-laws and holidays and birthdays and potty training and sleep issues and it was wonderful.

Do you get out regularly for a night out with other moms?

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