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Wednesday, October 08, 2008
That One?
I've deliberately not gone political on this blog. The first reason was because it took me a long time to decide who I was going to vote for this election.

The main reason is because I believe in the old saying about avoiding politics, religion, and sex. You rarely change anyone's mind, and you just annoy the heck out of them.

I believe it is our responsibility to research the issues and choose our candidate regardless of party affiliation.

More importantly, I believe it is our responsibility to vote.

You don't vote; you don't complain. That's my motto.

When I became a teacher in an urban school, I became more aware of racism in our society.

When I chose the path of international adoption, I studied more about racism in our society.

When my family became a multi-racial family, I became aware of "soft" racism.

When I heard "that one" last night, it rubbed me wrong. In my head, I heard "you people" and "uppity" in the subtext.

Am I wrong?



Blogger JafaBrit's Art said...

It is dismissive and rude and usually said with contempt towards someone.

People who have never faced racism often don't see the "soft" kind and are shocked when it it pointed out. You know what I am talking about, the look, the change in demeanor, the stiff body language. One minute you are getting pleasant service in a store and then it all changes when your husband or child joins you.
Yes, been there.

Blogger a Tonggu Momma said...

Amen, to every word of your post. Every. Single. One.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Are you suggesting that it was a racial remark (That One)? I think that is quite a stretch. People are so quick to throw the racial card. We are a mixed family as well, but come on.

Blogger Susan said...

No, I think you are right and I said the same thing to J when we were watching. I was kind of stunned and surprised when he said it...if not racist, then at the very least, rude and demeaning.

And then he called everybody else "my friends" repeatedly.

Blogger Tammie said...

I agree about not going political on my blog - although you should see my FB page. Let's just say I'm very not undecided. ;-o

My family has been multi-racial for many years. One of my cousins married a Chinese man when I was about 3 years old. Most of the family turned away from my cousin. My parents taught me that we need to look at the inner person.

I think that the person in question has got quite the bit of nerve to speak the way he does.

Blogger Colleen said...

Not wrong at all......

Blogger Marcia said...

I don't think it was racial. I think it was rude, but I really don't think he said it to him because he was black.

I think too much is thought of every word either one of them says and it is really getting ridiculous to me.

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