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Thursday, April 17, 2008
Happy Do Yay*
The celebrations started with a cake and presents in Gulf Shores, but today is Sera's birthday. She's now 2-years-old. Wow! The changes we've seen over this last year are just amazing. The changes we've seen over the last week are amazing. Seemingly overnight, her enunciation has become clearer and she is most definitely communicating with us in words and sentences. She is so eager to learn new words. Last night, we stopped at Wal-mart after school, she was pointing to everything wanting me to tell her what it was called, and she repeated every name after I said it.

I have pictures I took this morning at her daycare party. I snuck down during my prep. And I have a ton of pictures and stories from Gulf Shores. Plus, we have her birthday party planned for Saturday. A birthday party that has morphed into a photo shoot for a local magazine doing a story on children's parties.

I'll share all this with you soon. Believe it or not, I'm still recovering from our vacation. Coming home on Sunday was not a good idea. Without a full day to do laundry, I've been doing it every night this week instead. I've also been running around buying party favors, etc...

In the meantime, I just wanted to share a picture from last week and to wish my beautiful daughter a very happy second birthday.

Here's a picture from her first:

*Sera is loving the Happy Birthday song, but her version sounds more like this.



Even though I feel like the girls are growing up way to fast, I am enjoying every second of watching them grow!

Happy Birthday Sera!

OpenID katesaid said...

Happy Do Yay, indeed!

My Emily is 8 today. Gah.

Blogger Beverly said...

Happy Birthday! April birthdays are the best. Glenys' is in April too!!

Blogger Eileen said...

Happy Birthday Sera! Have fun being 2!

Blogger Jacquie said...

Happy Birthday Sera!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger PIPO said...

Happy #2 to your beautiful girl! I cannot believe how quickly her second birthday seemed to come around.

Anonymous erin said...

As my Jill would say, "Hap, to you!"

Anonymous Sandra said...

How sweet - happy birthday to Sera!

What a special day :-)

Yeah! Happy Do Yay Sera! We will be in the Gulf Shores area starting the 27th for a week. Looking forward to the warm weather! My inlaws live in Lillian (east of Elberta, west of P'cola)

Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, time has flown! She is such a doll... They do change so much. I always wished I could slow down the clock.

Enjoy every second. Hugs!

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