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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Road to Recovery - Updated
It's a slow one. We've had our share of colds and low fevers this winter, but I thought we'd missed the big one. Unfortunately, it found us before winter's end. It started with lower back pain. It moved to the hips, knees, arms until everything just ached. Then the chills came. Unrelenting cold accompanied by it's dear friend, the fever. The fever liked to dance. It like to dance up and down its own little mountain top. It did leave eventually, but not before inviting his friends, nasal congestion, post-nasal drip and the drip's twin, cough. Those last three tend to overstay their welcome. They're still hanging around.

Jim and I have alternated staying home. I was home Monday. He was home on Tuesday. We actually thought we'd both go to work on Wednesday, but fever came back for a return visit.

I was able to get in to the doctor's office this morning and have Sera checked. She's a few days behind me on this adventure, but she's the one who had a return visit after more than 24-hours fever-free. The doctor checked her lungs and ears. A rebound fever can indicate that an ear infection had joined the party. Luckily, that RSVP came back a no.

Sweet things heard around here:

"I wuv oo, mama."
"I wuv oo, daddy."
"Bess oo, mama."
"Seep mama's pehoo."
"Rock ee, daddy."

Updated to add translations.

"I love you, mama."
"I love you, daddy."
"Bless you, mama." We've done a lot of sneezing around here lately.
"Sleep on mama's pillow."
"Rock me, daddy."



Blogger Beverly said...

Can't decipher that fourth comment. Cute baby girl.


Blogger Tammie said...

I'm happy to see that you all are on the road to feeling better. This flu season has been awful - even down in FL.

Sera is so sweet. I can just hear her saying those phrases.

Blogger Michelle said...

I'm glad you're all on the mend--there have been some nasty bugs flying around!

Love the sweet phrases--too cute!

Anonymous Erin said...

Hope you're all on the mend and feeling better. It's so rough when Mom's the sick one.

Blogger Gerbil said...

Hope you guys are doing better. We had bugs hit here too, but not quite so bad. ARGH. Give me spring and no more flu/cold/whatever

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