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Saturday, December 08, 2007
Breakfast with Santa

We had breakfast with Santa today. It was not a rousing success. Sera looked adorable. She was wearing a cute little Santa dress. I'll get pictures next time she's in it.

This started as an idea for an intimate little gathering of our playgroup. A way for our children to meet Santa that a little more comfortable and stress-free. The idea was so popular that the place was packed. It was standing room only and very noisy. Sera got a little stressed out by all the commotion.

The three of us, Jim, Sera, and me, were sharing one chair. Jim and I would take turns sitting down with Sera on our lap. It was my turn. Sera was sitting on my lap coloring and taking an occasional bite of pancake when Santa entered the room. Her reaction was visceral. She literally clawed her way as she turned around and buried her face in my neck. She peeked once and buried her face again until he was well past us. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with him.

There was a little alcove area that was set up for the kids to sit on his lap, get a present, and for parents to take photos. After a while, I asked Sera if she wanted to go meet Santa. She reacted with a very strong no, so daddy went and got her present for her. Each parent had provided their own child's gift, so we knew she'd love it. It's an Elmo plush that sings I love you and whose eyes light up with stars. She went head over heels for it. We left after about an hour and headed home. She immediately crashed for a good two hours and woke up happy to be home and away from that scary man.

We didn't take any pictures because she just wasn't happy. I'd rather do without a Santa picture than traumatize her by making her go sit on his lap.

The above picture was taken after Jim had his oral surgery. He'd made a bowl of cereal and let it get mushy so he could eat it. Sera thought it was absolutely delicious, so he let her eat it. Then he made a second bowl because he didn't get much of the first bowl, and she ate it, too.



Blogger Kate said...

Hey, you've changed something - I never used to be able to click on the "Post a Comment" thing and just open the window. Tricky...

Anyway, my son is 3-plus, and is still very unsure of Santa. We had breakfast with Santa here yesterday, too (a busy man) and this year Jacob wanted to SEE Santa, but from across a big room - still not interested in getting near him.

It's lucky that we don't letters for Santa or talked about him as a giver of gifts, because that's one less battle I need to fight this year. When my son makes up his mind about something, it is made up and there is no budging him before he's ready.

Blogger Tammie said...

Erin is still TERRIFIED of characters at the age of 5. It's pretty frustrating since she has so many parties to go to. If there's a character, I have to decline even though she'd have a blast if I could get her there.

Hopefully, Sera will outgrow this common fear. Let's face it. I haven't been to Disney since Erin was 2, & I love that place.

Blogger Meredith Teagarden said...

Jane is not a child who likes strangers, so I too have had my reservations about the guy in the red suit with the big beard (she also does not like facial hair). Her santa dress will be worn jsut to hang out in this season.

I think Sera looks happier in this picture any how, than she would have with Santa :)!

Blogger Vivian M said...

Sorry about Santa, maybe in a few years she will understand more and not get frightened.
Kerri was frightened by the Aladdin Genie in Epcot, she was OK with all the characters she recogmized, but Aladdin was one book we had not read yet.
By the way, love the picture with all the cereal on her face!

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