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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Happy Birthday!! - UPDATED with pictures
It's Jim's birthday today, and I just wanted to wish him a happy day here, too.

We're going out to dinner tonight with seven friends and looking forward to it. We're heading to his favorite steak restaurant. Sera will be joining us as plans A, B, and C failed to materialize. We've only left Sera once before and never had a sitter at our home. We had some people lined up as possibilities, but all three had plans for this evening. I'm going to put her down for a nap as soon as we get home. We're meeting early for dinner - 6 PM - so I'm hoping she'll be able to hang with us for a bit before melting down. If not, I may be heading home early.

Sera did an amazing job at dinner tonight. Even when I did a major goof and waited until after dinner to get a picture of her and Jim in front of the tree at the restaurant.



Blogger Sandra said...

Happy Birthday, Jim!

Blogger Jacquie said...

Hey Magi, I know you like to cook and try new recipes. I wanted to give you this blog address in case you've never been here.


I've tried a couple of things and they've been yummy. :)

Sorry to barge in on Jim's birthday post but I wanted to make sure you saw this!

Blogger Tammie said...

Happy Birthday Jim!

BTW, I love the pics. Sera just keeps getting prettier with each post. The smile on Jim's face is amazing.

Blogger Marcia said...

Happy Birthday Jim!!!

I LOVE the pig tails!!!

I swear she kind of looks like you in these pix...especially the second.

Blogger Beverly said...

So cute. love the little piggies in her hair.


Blogger LK's Mom said...

I love love love the pig tails. She is getting so big and prettier by the day :)


Blogger Kiy said...

Happy Birthday (late!) Jim. Love the pics!

Blogger Jessdine said...

HAppy birthday !!!!!!

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