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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Works For Me Wednesday - What Do I Fix Edition!

I haven't participated in WFMW in a very long time. I felt like I had run out of tips for everyone else. This challenge was one I could handle though.

Shannon's scenario - It's 5:15. The kids are insane, your husband is on his way home, and you haven't given dinner a thought. What do you do?

If takeout doesn't work and your husband doesn't have plans to cook dinner that night, make what I made last night. Now I'll admit to using shortcuts, but that's what they're for.

Baked Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Peas

Thaw one package of chicken breasts in microwave. You can thaw in sink of cold water if you remember earlier in the day.

Place chicken in baking pan. Drizzle olive oil on each breats. Flip the chicken around so the oil gets on both sides. Sprinkle both sides of chicken with garlic salt, lemon pepper, and paprika. Slice 1/2 an onion and scatter the slices around the chicken. Toss and stir the whole thing around so everything gets coated with oil and spices. Spread back out in one layer. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

Keep a package of refrigerated pre-made mashed potatoes in the refrigerator for nights like this. We like Yoder's brand. Nuke for three minutes, stir, and nuke for two more minutes.

Heat up your favorite peas. We like LeSeur canned peas. Some prefer frozen.

Basic dinner with all food groups covered, kid-friendly (my 19-month-old daughter enjoys it), husband-friendly, and super easy.

Be sure to visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer to read more suggestions.

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Blogger Marcia said...

I've never heard of ready made mashed potatoes! No peeling...pretty awesome. BTW, is that mom's old chicken recipe? The onions are what made me think it was.

My stand by chicken is sprinkled with Tony's (what else???) and covered in Italian dressing...super easy and good!

Blogger Magi said...

It's similar to mom's. She only used paprika and she used an entire stick of butter. I switched to olive oil and added some other seasonings.

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