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Monday, January 14, 2008
Laundry Assistant
I was going through some of my photos over the weekend and found these. I took them after we got home from our Christmas trip. I still had piles of dirty clothes all over my bedroom floor. Sera started "sorting" the clothes for me. She would pull out a pair of pants or a shirt and correctly identified each one as mama's or daddy's. Then she discovered the laundry basket. She soon realized that playing in it was a whole lot more fun.



Blogger i-Con said...

Cracks me up. I can't believe that I actually remember playing in laundry baskets myself..they WERE great fun!

Funny! Some days I would rather play in the laundry basket then actually sort and wash the clothes!!

Blogger Sandra said...

Jazzie and Tahlia used to do the exact same thing! Now, they'd rather "help" fold the laundry :-)

Blogger Tammie said...

Erin will still sit in boxes! The other day I found her sitting in her baby doll's playpen playing with her Leapster!

Sera is just way too cute! And her smile dazzles me!

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