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Sunday, December 02, 2007
We All Live In Elmo's World
Sera loves Elmo. I think it's a requirement of toddlerhood, and she's fallen right in step. Earlier today she started saying Elmo, Elmo over and over. She kept making come here motions with her hand. I was confused for a minute and thought maybe I was hearing her wrong. Who is she calling Elmo? Our dog. She thought it was hilarious. She'd call him to her calling Elmo. Since he'll run to her with the slightest provocation, he always came to her. She'd then laugh and laugh.

Does this mean she's renamed Shadow? Hmmm.......................

*I plan to mail out Christmas cards this week. I think I'll have some left over. Drop me an email with your address of you'd like to get one.

UPDATED to add email link. It's also on the sidebar as Talk to Me.



Blogger Kiy said...

Haha, won't surprise you a bit to see an email from me in a minute. :)

Blogger Meredith Teagarden said...


I just caught up on your posts. I love to hear how well Sera has been doing. How sweet she sounds with her "thank yous" and those daily afternoon greetings. My kidsall loved Elmo. Jane is still not very into TV, but I do look forward to her enjoying some of the cute stuff like the Christmas specials and Sesame Street!

BTW I have thought often about your Thanksgiving post and the flying turkeys. You know what I loved about that the most? You and your husband laughing your heads off :). Its the wave length thing of people who know and love eachother. Isn't it great to have a guy like that, who really gets you!! What a gift!

As for the woman at asking about your daughter. I guess I am still surprised by the attention we bring as adoptive parents. It was nice to see you saw through her lack of the right words. I find myself paying such close attention to stranger's faces now, wanting to read their good intentions when their words bumble.

Blogger mj aka sugarmama said...

Your daughter sounds adorable. I guess your dog has been renamed.


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