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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Top O'The Mornin' To You
It's 5 AM, do you know where your child is? I do, she JUST fell asleep.

Sera woke up crying at 1:30 AM. She must have had a nightmare because this is so not her. Jim brought her into our room where she lay in my arms for about 30 minutes. Well, lay isn't quite the right word. She played with my hand and poked daddy and played with Shadow's ear. She did not, however, sleep. At 2, I decided to take her into her room so that at least daddy could sleep. We rocked for awhile, but she wasn't going to sleep. I put Mary Poppins on and she sat on my lap and watched it for over an hour. Then it was time to get down on the floor and play. She rocked on her butterfly, played with staking cups, brought Guess How Much I Love You to me to read, and played her newest version of Peek-a-boo now called I See You. She goes to the opposite side of her crib and hides. Then she peeks through the slats until you peek back from your side. When you do, she starts giggling and says I see you.

Jim woke up around 4 and came to check on us. He took advantage of a diaper change to sneak back out and go back to bed. When she noticed he was gone, she was a little upset. She wanted daddy to come play, too. We sat back on the rocker and watched the rest of Mary Poppins. I was just rocking away while she sat straight up. She wouldn't even lay back against me. She was determined not to go back to sleep. Eventually I noticed that her entire body was swaying with each rock, I peeked at her face and she was sound asleep.

I popped her back in her crib and came to the computer to email my lesson plans for the day. Somehow I don't think my three hours sleep would make me a very effective teacher today, plus who knows what kind of day Sera is going to have when she wakes up. Hopefully, it's not at 6 AM when I usually get her up.

Why am I not sleeping now? I'm just waiting for 5:30 AM so I can call in and get a sub lined up.

I'd say flexibility is key when you become a parent. Plans are what you make so you can change them. Have a great day everyone!



Oh the memory that story brings back! You never really know how precious sleep is until you become a parent.

Hope you can at least get a good nap this afternoon.

Blogger Beverly said...

Sorry to hear of the sleep issues. Bad dreams are never fun.


Blogger Kiy said...

Ah sorry. Sounds like our house these days, without the benefit of Mary Poppins. Hope you get some sleep! :)


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