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Friday, December 22, 2006
Santa's Coming After All
In my first feelings of Christmas spirit this year, we picked up a few Santa gifts. Our first ones. This is it from Santa this year, but I'm sure next year will be very different.

First up, if your child's father plans on instilling a love of baseball in your child, the brainwashing must begin early. This toy is for 9 months and up. It sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame and has lots of other baseball sounds. They'll both have fun playing with this one.

This one we just couldn't pass up. We actually looked at it about two weeks ago. It wasn't one of the recommended strollers (thanks again, ladies, I really do appreciate the suggestions). We have K's Merchandise that is going out of business. They have a gazillion of these strollers. After checking it out and finding that it had a lot of the features we wanted, I did some online research. There were a few negative reviews, but most were pretty positive. The best part? We got it for $84.00. You have to love going out of business sales. If we end up hating it, I won't feel too bad about how much we spent on it. I know we're going to need an umbrella stroller and possibly a jogging stroller, but this should be good for most of our needs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the stroller!! Hope you got thru the day OK....I am SOOOO glad it is over!

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